Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Faces Congress For U.S. Treasury Secretary Confirmation

That revolving door between Washington and Wall Street? It’s still totally still a thing, and it’s getting an upgrade in broad daylight. Watch it here…

(by Half Dollar) Ask yourself this one question: Is the US better off over the last 25 years, or is the US worse off over the last 25 years?

Sure, that was a loaded question.

That is to say, If you are in the top 1%, then yes, you are better off, and the Proles are arguably better off, but Joe Deplorable is worse off, including throughout the Trump Administration, yet if we think about the question as it relates to America as a whole, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Which brings me to today’s news, and the point of asking the question in the first place, from Bloomberg (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

U.S. Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen on Tuesday steps into a new role following more than a quarter-century in government: salesperson for economic policy after years of defending Federal Reserve thinking and actions.

Follow-up question: Will the United States be better off, or worse off, with Yellen’s continued “public service”?

Of course, I’m assuming she will actually be confirmed.

Is anybody really taking the other side of that bet?

Regardeless, for those who can stomach it, Yellen plays whiffle-ball at 10:00 am, EST, Tuesday, January 19, and here’s one place to watch it (CNBC):

[embedded content]

I’d also expect “market” movement as “market participants” position and jockey based off of what Yellen does or does not say.


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