May God Help Us! The US Is Broke And $100,000 Gold

There is no escaping this upcoming global economic disaster…

Bill Holter on As Good As Gold Australia

In this absorbing interview, Brian and Darryl Panes from As Good As Gold Australia interview the legendary Bill Holter from

The global economy is in free fall and governments are out of ammunition.
Bill is forecasting a disastrous 10% decline in the overall economy with dire consequences attached.

There is no escaping this upcoming global economy disaster, as debt levels continue to spiral out of control. It’s no longer just someone’s opinion, predicting our economic future – it’s simple math and we are all in for a very bumpy ride.

Gold has been the best investment for the last 20 years, and will be again over the next 20 years.

Bill’s closing comment… “May Gold Help Us!”

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